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April 20, 2009

Panasonic Lumix FS Series expands its line-up to offer consumers more choice

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Panasonic Lumix FS Series expands its line-up to offer consumers more choice

Responding to market demand, Panasonic is pleased to announce a new addition to the simple and stylish Lumix FS series expands its line-up with the DMC-FS62. Compact and slim, the 10.1-megapixel FS62 offers all of the features inherent to the popular FS series, including ease of use, high specification, and good looks.

Intelligent Auto – Effortlessly Easy
Panasonic incorporated Intelligent Auto mode in pursuit of the ultimate ease of operation and the reduction of misshots. Comprising of four major functions (MEGA O.I.S, Intelligent ISO Control, Face Detection and Intelligent Scene Selector) that work together to provide the best possible shooting results everytime. The two most advanced countermeasures against blurring – MEGA O.I.S (Optical Image Stabiliser) to compensate for hand-shake and Intelligent ISO Control to detect and suppress motion blur – are built into the FS6 and FS7. The MEGA O/I/S conventionally has mode 1 and mode 2, and now it has AUTO mode to select the suitable one between the modes according to the zoom ratio being used. Both image stabilising technologies have been further advanced in detection accuracy and correction effect thanks to the new image-processing LSI, Venus Engine IV.

In addition to these two paramount anti-blurring technologies, the Face Detection system helps the camera to recognize human faces and to focus and set the exposure automatically. Up to 15 faces can be recognized simultaneously. Face detection accuracy has also been increased, allowing continuous AF/AE adjustment even if a face moves or turns sideways to the camera. Not only that, the unwanted red-eye effect caused by the use of flash can be digitally corrected.

The Intelligent Scene Selector automatically sets the appropriate scene mode according to the scene you’re going to take from among the most frequently used scene modes, such as Portrait, Scenery, Macro, Night Scenery and Night Portrait mode. It now features an automatic backlight compensation function that activates whenever the camera detects that the light source is behind the subject. The Quick AF system allows the camera to keep focus on the subject while the camera is in recording mode even before pressing the shutter.

The user can activate all of these useful, convenient functions by simply pressing an independent iA button on the top of the camera, which is newly equipped for direct activation of the mode.

Zoom in
The 10.1-megapixel DMC-FS62 packages a bright F2.8 Leica DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens with 4x optical zoom into a slim, compact body. The zoom ratio can be extended up to7.1x in 3-megapixel recording using the Extra Optical Zoom. By using the central part of the CCD, this powerful zooming function allows you to easily capture and magnify distant subjects.

With a 2.5-inch 230,000 dot intelligent LCD, images are effortlessly easy to view.

Motion Pictures
Not forgetting motion pictures1, the FS6 and FS7 can record WVGA2 (848 x 480) motion pictures at 30 frames per second in addition to standard VGA 640 x 480). The WVGA motion picture also fits a wide-screen (16:9) TY perfectly to offer impressive viewing.

Included software
The latest version of exciting software PHOTOfunSTUDIO 3.0 comes bundled with the DMC-FS7 and FS6. The PHOTOfunSTUDIO 3.0 allows the user to edit or organize a collection of photos with more ease and fun. It features Face Recognition function that recognizes the faces in the picture stored in your PC to sort the photos by faces. Conventionally, you had to pick up one by one out of hundreds of photos when you only want the picture of a specific person. But with the PHOTOfunSTUDIO 3.0, the software automatically does it once the face is registered regardless of the camera type you used – perfect for digging out all photos of Aunt Mary for her birthday surprise for example! On the sophisticated interface, you can also enjoy emotional slideshow with a variety of effects. Motion pictures (MOV or MPEG2) can also be upload directly to YouTube3.

Panasonic introduce three HD Recorders with freesat+ compatibility

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Panasonic introduce three HD Recorders with freesat+ compatibility

Panasonic has announced the market introduction of the DMR-BS850 and DMR-BS750 Blu-ray Disc™ Recorders and the DMR-XS350 High-Definition Recorder / DVD Recorder (Standard Def Archiving). All three new models are compatible with freesat+, making it easy to view and capture high-image-quality digital satellite broadcasts.

Sign up at ‘HD Everything’ to receive exclusive information about the UK’s first Blu-ray Recorders
The continued trend toward Full HD in TV broadcasts, discs and digital AV equipment has spawned demand for innovative digital recorders. Panasonic’s response is the “HD Everything” concept – products that allow anyone to easily control, preserve and share a wide variety of Full HD images. Designed under this concept, the new trio of digital recorders come equipped with functions users will enjoy today and need tomorrow.

First are the recording functions. Each of the new models is equipped with twin tuners, making it possible to record two TV programmes broadcast at the same time. When the recorder is used together with a VIERA flat-panel TV, Panasonic’s unique VIERA Link functions can be used to control recording operations. This allows the viewer to use the VIERA TV’s remote control to record in a way that is similar to pausing a TV programme that is being watched.

Programmes that have been recorded and stored in the hard disk drive can be converted to the H.264 format and saved. By compressing data more compactly than standard DR (Direct Record) mode recording, the H.264 format lets viewers use their hard disk drive space more efficiently or store more TV programmes on a single Blu-ray Disc™. Up to 24 hours of HD content can be stored on one Blu-ray disc (in high speed copy mode), meaning you could get a whole series of your favourite programmes on one disc.

For outstanding playback performance, all three new recorders feature high-image-quality PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus* and P4HD, two technology systems that earned high acclaim in Panasonic Blu-ray Disc™ players. These technologies give films purchased in disc form a level of beauty rivalling the original film recording, and they deliver deep, detailed images from recorded TV programmes. The three new models are compatible with Blu-ray standard’s BD-Live function, so users can download special features and images from the Internet for extra enjoyment.

In terms of audio, the new DMR-BS850 and BS750 support the superior surround sound of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-Master Audio Essential on Blu-ray Disc™ media. Users can connect the recorder to a compatible amplifier and enjoy the stunningly high quality 7.1-channel surround sound of Blu-ray Discs.

The new recorders can save images from an HD camcorder or LUMIX digital camera onto the built-in hard disk drive or a Blu-ray Disc™. In the past, you needed to use a computer or other device to save images like these, but Panasonic’s three new models make it easy to create discs right in the living room. Music CDs also can be recorded onto the hard disk drive. The three recorders are compatible with gracenote®, so song titles and artist names are automatically recorded together with the music.

The new recorders also support Panasonic’s VIERA CAST Internet function, so users can easily access Internet content such as YouTube™ and Picasa™ Web Albums and view it on a large-screen TV.

Making it easy for anyone to record, play and save Full HD content, the new DMR-BS850, BS750 and XS350 digital recorders from Panasonic bring users a big step forward into the HD age.
* DMR-BS850 and DMR-BS750 only.

Convenience with freesat+
Recording and Viewing Freedom with freesat+ Twin Tuner - With more than 140 digital TV and radio channels to choose from it’s fairly likely that at some point you’ll want to record two programmes broadcast at the same time. The freesat+ Twin Tuner allows you the freedom to do this and offers a multitude of other viewing and recording options.

freesat+ EPG
The freesat+ EPG organises channels into easy to use categories with this 8-day on-screen programme guide. Find what you want at the touch of a button and save all your favourites so they’re easy to find.

Series Record (with grouping view)
Set the timer to record just once and each programme in the series will automatically be recorded. Recorded series’ are easily located as they are automatically archived in the same folder.

Schedule Change
Even if the broadcast schedule changes, programmes are correctly and completely recorded.

HD Recording (DR Mode) and Archiving

Full HD Recording and Playback
In DR mode you can record a digital broadcast signal, without the slightest change in quality, directly to your HDD. The precise Full HD picture quality, 5.1ch surround sound, subtitle and audio description, all recorded perfectly and ready to view.

5.1ch Surround Sound Recording and Playback
The Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound signal embedded in HD broadcasts can also be recorded. By adding an AV receiver and speaker system, you can enjoy recordings complete with 5.1-channel surround sound.

Subtitle and Audio Description Recording and Playback
The Blu-ray Disc™/High Definition DVD Recorder can record the subtitle and audio description data that is included with some digital broadcasts. Because these are also recorded digitally, they can be switched on or off during playback.
* Only for DR mode.

H.264 Encoder
Panasonic’s original H.264 Encoder responds to the movement in a video image and compresses it so that the recorded image is as clear and vivid as possible. H.264 conversion recording is particularly convenient if you want to save space on your HDD or want to record a number of programmes onto a Blu-ray Disc™.

Easy to Use

One Remote Operation (VIERA Link)
VIERA Link lets you operate a variety of compatible Panasonic audio, video and imaging products with one easy to use VIERA remote control.

Pause Live TV (VIERA Link)
Pause Live TV lets you freeze TV programmes just like pausing a DVD. Select “Pause Live TV” on the VIERA Link Menu and the TV programme is temporarily saved on the hard disk drive. You can watch the rest of the programme, right from the stopped frame, at a later time.
* After 8 hours the recording will stop.
* This function is available for Panasonic products that support VIERA Link (HDAVI Control 3 or above).

Direct TV Rec. (VIERA Link)
If you want to record the programme you’re watching, you can start immediately by pressing the VIERA Link button on the VIERA remote control and selecting “Direct TV Rec.” on the VIERA Link menu screen. You can also start Direct TV Rec. by pressing “Direct TV REC.” button on VIERA remote.
* This function is available for Panasonic products that support VIERA Link (HDAVI Control 3 or above).

High Quality Picture and Sound

PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus
PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus is a high quality image processing technology developed to precisely process each pixel of the Blu-ray Disc™ video signal. It reproduces colour data with twice the accuracy of conventional systems to keep colours faithful and sharp.

High Precision 4:4:4
When viewed on a high end VIERA TV model, which features 4:4:4 signal compatibility, it recreates images with the original film quality to further enhance movie enjoyment.

P4HD (Pixel Precision Progressive Processing for HD)
P4HD processes more than 15 billion pixels per second and applies the optimal processing to every pixel. This allows it to render progressive images superbly, express motion smoothly, and draw crisp diagonal lines.

1080/24p Playback
This means movie images from a Blu-ray Disc™ are reproduced in their original 24p form, with no need for conversion. Watch movies as though you were at a movie theatre.
*24p stands for 24 frame/sec.
*1080/24p supported display device is required.

Compatible with HD Audio Codec
Supporting HDMI bitstream out and decode (PCM) Out of the latest audio formats, such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio Essential, used in BD-Video.

High Quality Sound Parts
Maximises the high quality sound performance of the Blu-ray Disc™ to enhance living room viewing enjoyment with beautiful, true-to-life sound.


Networking with HD Camcorder

Home movies can be transferred immediately via SD memory card to the HDD or Blu-ray Disc™. Until now, transferring and storing HD Camcorder images was a time-consuming process performed on your PC. A Panasonic BD Recorder makes this process effortlessly simple.

Networking with LUMIX Digital Still Camera
Movies or photos you’ve just shot can be copied quickly and easily to HDD or Blu-ray Disc™ via an SD memory card or USB cable. You can then choose your favourite music tracks to accompany a fun slideshow of these images.

High Speed Archiving
Archive recorded TV programmes from the HDD to Blu-ray Disc™ at ultra-fast speed. Your family movies and photos also can be archived in Full HD on a Blu-ray Disc™, or simply copied to a DVD and given to friends and family.

Juke Box with gracenote®
Data from music CDs and USB devices can be easily transferred to DIGA’s hard disk drive. It supports gracenote® so titles and artist names are automatically saved together with the music CD data. It also supports the ID3Tag title information that is embedded in music data. The new DIGA is like a jukebox filled with your favourite music.

CD Database Update
If the pre-installed CD database does not contain the latest album titles, you can download new title data to your recorder from the internet.
*1 Gracenote® is for the music CD (CDDA). The Gracenote logo and logotype and the “Powered by Gracenote” logo are trademarks of Gracenote.
*2 ID3 Tag is for the MP3 music data.

Internet live streaming with VIERA CAST. You can access YouTube™, Picasa™ Web Albums, and a multitude of web content. With YouTube™ watch the latest video clips, and with Picasa™ Web Albums view online photo albums. You can also check weather and stock information at the touch of a button.
* Requires broadband Internet service for a fee.

BD-Live* lets users access the internet to download data such as images and subtitles, and join in quizzes and multi-player interactive games that are linked to bonus materials on BD-Live enabled Blu-ray Disc™. BD-Live also supports BONUSVIEW.
* BD-ROM Profile 2. (BD-Live feature includes BONUSVIEW functions.) To enjoy additional contents (such as BD-Live) on certain Blu-ray DiscTM titles, you will need to insert an SD memory card (1GB or more of free space/Sold separately). Requires broadband Internet service for a fee.

Environmentally Friendly

Intelligent Auto Standby
After you’ve finished watching a film on your Blu-ray Disc™ Recorder or DVD Recorder, select “TV” and the recorder automatically reverts to standby to save power.
* Available for 2009 VIERA with HDAVI control 4 compatible products.


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G Micro System
4/3-type 12-megapixel Live MOS sensor
Full-time Live View
Venus Engine HD image processor
Advanced AF featuring iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode
Built-in dust reduction system (Supersonic Wave Filter)
Supplied with LUMIX G VARIO 14-45mm/F3.5-5.6 ASPH./MEGA O.I.S.
Available in a range of colours.

Don’t Miss the TV Ad Created by Britain’s Hottest Young Creative Talent

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Don’t Miss the TV Ad Created by Britain’s Hottest Young Creative Talent

The Winning Ad (Live on Channel 4 Grand Designs, Wednesday 18th March 9 PM); was created by the Next Generation Talent - James Fox. Panasonic teamed up with YCN to launch a competition challenging creative students across the UK to create a film or print ad to promote the unique benefits of the Panasonic Viera PZ81 Home Hub TV. The www.nextgenerationtalent.co.uk microsite was where students uploaded their entries and the general public voted for the winner.

Viera with freesat HDThe idea behind this ‘Boxes’ creative revolves around the concept that the versatile Viera with freesat HD TV Home Hub can be used to playback home movies, view photos, play DVD and Blu-ray discs as well as many other functions. The Panasonic Viera PZ81 Home Hub TV offers Full HD, built-in freesat and advanced networking capabilities.

Laurent Abadie appointed Chairman and CEO of Panasonic Europe

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Laurent Abadie appointed Chairman and CEO of Panasonic Europe

Panasonic Europe Limited has announced the appointment of Laurent Abadie as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Laurent Abadie will be the first non-Japanese director to take up this role in the group’s history.

After joining Panasonic France in 2004, Laurent Abadie was appointed Executive Officer on the Board of Directors of the Panasonic Corporation in Japan in 2008. He will continue to hold this position whilst undertaking his new duties at the head of the Group’s European division.

Under the guidance of Laurent Abadie, Panasonic has led the French digital camera market since the first quarter of 2007 with its Lumix range*. Panasonic has also climbed from 5th to 2nd place in the French plasma screen market under his leadership.

“I am extremely proud of this appointment and of the trust that the Group’s board members have placed in me,” says Laurent Abadie. “My admission to the Board of Directors in 2008 was already testament to the importance of the French market to Panasonic. My appointment as Director of Panasonic Europe (Panasonic’s primary region by size outside Japan) is proof of the willingness to accelerate development in Europe and to open up this position to a non-Japanese director for the first time.”

Laurent Abadie joined Panasonic France as Managing Director In 2004. The following year he was appointed President of the French division and, in 2008, he was elected Executive Officer on the board of directors of the Panasonic Corporation in Japan.

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